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Our Vision & Mission

100 years ago, when people saw the electricity for the first time, they believed it was such a high technology, and now it has become infrastructure. Nowadays, when people still regard Internet as high technology, it has already been one of the most indispensable infrastructures. The next stage of its development will be the Internet of Things, in other words, all your home appliances will go online before 2030. That is our vision.

Our mission is to help the individuals who are left behind by the information revolution and small businesses whose living space is squeezing by the multi-national giants.  

If you have been to China, you would be astonished by how consumerism is killing our planet, and how the irresponsible manufacturers are exploiting our mother nature. 

We are tiny and we are small, but we have faith in repair, because it is noble, sustainable, cost-effective and environmental friendly.

Link to: http://ifixit.org/ewaste

The Geeks


The Alpha Geek

​​​​​​​Hardcore Gamer

RMIT Double Master 

8 years industrial experience  



​​​​​​​Hardware engineer

Data recovery expert

Graphic designer


IT Master of the universtiy of Melbourne

Web developer & programmer

Will it be you?

As a pioneering enterprise, we always offer opportunities to those who has passion and share the same value.


We are the one-stop solution for all your electronics. Other than services and sales, we will also provide you with the most viable solutions and free technical support for any problem you may have.

Live Support Line 0452516188

Many so called online computer services are scams, which we really want our customers raise their vigilance. Most of the services and maintenance can only be done personally. My experience tells me that all hardware malfunctions can only be solved by experienced technicians, so we stick to the traditional way communicating to our customers.

During the business hours, be free to call us, and our geeks will try their best to help.

We offer a full line of products for design professionals (architects, decorators, designers, domestic interior), and ordinary users.

Extended Warrenty

For new laptop and computer parts that we sell, we provide our customer with an extended 3-year warranty. On average, that is two year longer than and any other shops or manufacturers.

In addition, we also provide one year full warranty for all the services done.




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