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Faulty or damaged hard disk drive?

Hard Drive Data Recovery


Most common problems

Bad sectors, damaged heads (clicking), seized spindle motor (buzzing), damaged PCB (not spinning), firmware corruption, file system/partition corruption.

The fastest RAID recovery in Australia

RAID Data Recovery



Most common problems


RAID-5 with 2 failed drives. Usually NTFS,
VMFS, EXT3/4 or XFS.

The best SSD recovery in Australia

SSD Data Recovery



Most common problems

drives with Bad Sectors/Read Errors (working very slowly), a damaged PCB (not powering on), a firmware corruption, a file system or partition corruption or simple data access problem due to being unable to connect the hard drive

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Has your hard drive stopped working?

We can help!

Our data recovery engineers can help with the problems that others can’t, including hard drives with damage heads (clicking), seized spindle motor (buzzing), a damaged PCB (not spinning), firmware/system area problems, bad sectors/read errors, or any other issue. If you are not sure whether we can help, the answer is usually – yes we can! We have seen it and fixed it all before.

If you can’t access your data, there is a very good chance that we can with our world-class technology, tools and experience. That’s why most IT professionals and computer shops around Australia and New Zealand send their client’s hard drives to us.

Why choose Geek Republic Data Recovery?

We hear this all the time:
"I wish I came to you first instead of wasting my time and money with that other company who had my hard drives for weeks and could not help."

  1. We have the highest success rate in Australia.
  2. Australia’s biggest team of data recovery engineers with more than 10 years experience.
  3. The oldest data recovery company in Australia – we have been around longer than anybody else in our industry.
  4. We have more Google Reviews with the highest Google Review Ranking of any data recovery company Australia. (Read Testimonials)
  5. We offer easy payment options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Internet Banking, and EFTPOS are all available at no extra surcharge.
  6. The most advanced data recovery lab in the country, equipped with the world’s latest data recovery technology and tools, as well as the best equipment money can buy.
  7. Australia’s best Class-100 Clean Room (come and see it for yourself!)
  8. 100% privacy and confidentiality guarantee!
  9. Honest, professional, and safe data recovery services.
  10. As well as working with companies, we love to help individuals. Our passion is saving baby photos, family memories, and other priceless treasures.
  11. Call today to speak with an experienced data recovery engineer, not a sales person.