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PC & Laptop Services

Personal and business IT service at its best. We provide whole range of customized solutions, no matter you are a gamer, programmer, business owner or newbie. For large organisations, there are supports from IT departments or outsourcing contractors, but who is looking after the small businesses? No one at all!

 To save the cost, small businesses normally use personal computer as their server. The owns did saved a couple hundred of bucks at the first, but they are paying thousands afterwards. Here are the problems:

1. How can my restaurent avoid a chaos after the order machine breaks down?

2. When the hard disks become problematic in recent years, how can accountants avoid losing their financial reports and years of cantacts?

3. I am a dairy farmers, and my equipment which only compatible with Windows 95. If I want that to be replaced, I have to reinvest millions. Who  can fix that?     

After so many years experience, for the geeks, those real cases are no longer problems at all. We are able to provide you with most reliable and cost-saving solutions, both for individuals and the small businesses. We can provide you with a UPS unit that protect your order machine from a  power surge; we can build a raid 1 that autamic backups your data on another disk; and we can fix any hardware or software issues, even the equipment is older than your grandpa.