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Electronic Repair Services in Werribee

PC Building​​​​​​​ & Service

Personal and business IT service at its best. We provide whole range of customized solutions; no matter you are a gamer, programmer, business owner or newbie.

Mac & Laptop Repair

We provide extended warrenty to all the laptops, which is 2 years longer than the manufacturers' policy. Meanwhile, we service and fix all models of laptops in the market, and upgrade them to have a even better performance than the new models.

iPhone & Samsung Repair

We are one of a few business in Melbourne which is able to repair physical or water damage of your phone. We have a team of geeks who spent half of their life time in Apple & Samsung. Our valuable experiences & industrial connections always make  impossible possible.

Tablet Repair​​​​​​​

Our quality management system strictly selects our suppliers in order to use only genuine parts.  Every month, we receive many of iPads that have been serviced somewhere else with touch, display or charging issues. Nobody trust unqualified doctors in a bone fracture surgery, so please don't waste your time and energy by sending your devices to the wrong hands.

Professional Data Recovery

Although many of the amateurs claim that they do data recovery, we are one out of three companies which can truly do mechanical rebuild of your HDDs in Melbourne. If you send you HDD into wrong hands, you will have a great chance for losing your precious data permanently. No matter how bad the HDDs' condition is, with our PC-3000 tool kit, we are able to extract the data from 99% of the faulty HDDs. Our technician are true geeks in relation to data recovery technology, for even corrupted raid groups, we still have a very high successfully rate.

Trade In

When you really hate your slow vintage computer and want to throw it out of the window; when you go for Cash Converter and they told you that they only buy devices in good conditions; when you go to genius bar where trade in your iPhone 6+ for ridiculous 150 bucks, and those credit can only be used for buying their iPhone 7, but you really want a Samsung,   please come to us. We are willing to pay a good price in cash for most of the models, even its condition is no better than a brick.

We believe that every dog will have its day and all devices must have their value. 


If you are a senior citizen or cannot drive, we can arrange free pick up & delivery. You can make an appointment with us on the phone, our technicians come to you on your schedule, pick up your devices and deliver them to you after everything is fixed up.

If you are encountering a network trouble, we can also send technicians to you at a minimum charge. We are normally under a high workload, so please make an appointment with us early.

The Geeks are good at lots of things other than the main businesses. As one of our interest for many years, we enjoying create airy websites with a pleasant and intuitive design for small or medium businesses on request.

Q & A

How much?

It is impossible to make a price list for automobile service; similarly, to make a price list for our wide range of services is also unpractical.    

Our Free check & free quote policy is for everything. Best price is guaranteed, and we won't charge anything until customer's agreement. Be free to drop-in, and then get full check and free quote.

How long do repairs take?

iPhone repairs take 30 – 40 minutes

iPad repairs take 1 – 2 hours

PCs services take 2-3 day

Note: Repair turn around highly depends on the severity of the damage. The list above is for general fixes. Due to our complete inventory and optimized logistics system, we are able to provide the fastest and most convenience services.

Is there a warrenty?

For new laptop and computer parts that we sell, we provide our customer with an extended 3-year warranty. On average, that is two year longer than and any other shops or manufacturers.

In addition, we also provide one year full warranty for all the services done.