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Tablet Repairs in Werribee

Building on the idea that smaller is better, many companies decided that even a laptop could be made more portable, and the era of tablets was born. While most tablets have a few buttons, they tend to utilize touch-screen technology. Tablet computers come in a range of sizes, and are manufactured by many different companies.

Due to larger digitizers and screens, tablets are even more fragile than smart phones. Although many of the shops claims that they are able to fix tablets, the only job they are able to do is the screen replacement. What make their job even worse is that their screens generally come from ebay, so they have no choice but to offer their customers one-month or two-month warrenty.  

The most salient advantage of us is that the geeks only utilise genuine parts directly from manufacturers' assembly plant. In the meantime, we have built partnerships with most of the popular brands and acquired technicial support from their after-sales departments, and that enables us to become the only business that is able to fix motherboards on the microprocessor level. Currently, we are fixing devieces and offering support for over 35 shops around Melbourne.  With the high standard of suppliers' quality control and first-hand information we are so proud and confidient that for all the jobs we have done come with a warrenty more than one years.  

Rates For Tablet Screen Replacement

Your repair options

Send in for repair

We'll send a box right away to collect your phone. You can then arrange to ship it to Geek Republic Services Center at your convenience. We'll deliver your phone back to you in 3-5 business days.

Bring in for repair

No need to make an appointment like the others, we will work on your phone right away.  We'll try to fix your phone in 30 mins. In more complex cases, we might need to send it to Geek Workshop. If we do, your phone will be ready for pickup in 3-5 business days.

Warranty Policy

  • We offer 24 months warranty on all Genuine Screens
  • 6 months warranty on all Generic Screens
  • We keep all your data and files, unless to have the permission to do so